Sport Psychology

The sport psychology services I offer are unique to the individual/group. Some individuals prefer sport and performance enhancement counseling, which refers to ways in which we work together to ideally enhance performance, such as through mental skills training (e.g. concentration, relaxation, focus, goal setting, mental routine, imagery). Other individuals may struggle with issues with their team/coach, or deeper psychological issues which might be affecting performance. While this is not always directly performance related, the context of being an athlete (student or professional) often plays a major role. While some sports are more individual (e.g. tennis, golf), many have a heavy team influence. I also provide team specific workshops, coach consultation, and parent workshops regarding sport psychology concepts and tools. 

With Individuals

Performing well in practice but struggling in competition? Having trouble focusing after a missed lay up, or the referee missing a call? Is your anxiety affecting your ability to perform? Individual counseling may be helpful to work through these problems and help you become the athlete and teammate you want to be. 


Coach, Team, or Parent Consultations

Examples of Coach consultations/workshops:

  • Identifying leaders
  • Responding to conflict within team

Examples of Team Workshops

  • Team Building
  • Goal Setting
  • Refocusing

Examples of Parent Workshops:

  • Being a parent of a student athlete

Common Sport Psychology issues

  • Performance Enhancement
    • Using imagery, awareness, relaxation, concentration/focus, routines to improve performance
  • Athletic Identity
  • Psychosocial impacts of injury
  • Disordered Eating
  • Difficulties asking for help