There are many different types of therapy. The most common, or the type you have probably heard of most often, is individual therapy. I also offer couples and group therapy.



Individual Psychotherapy. Problems can range from an individual struggling seriously with depression and/or anxiety, to trying to figure out who you are, to simply wanting to have a space to talk freely.



Couples Therapy. Relationships can be difficult. It is so easy to "wait" or "try harder" or force things in relationships.  Couples counseling can be an avenue towards learning more about yourselves, each other, and your relationship. A place to speak authentically about problems and desires, and work towards a positive, validating and growth oriented relationship.


Group Therapy. The psychology research states that group therapy is at least as effective as individual therapy. It is a unique modality of therapy that allows for interpersonal learning, self-knowledge, and peer support. It can be a powerful tool towards growth and change. Groups offered include the following: 

  • Interpersonal Process Group
  • Men's Group
  • ADHD Group